Aperitivo or “Merenda Sinoira”?

The Piedmontese dictionary defines the merenda sinoira as.
``the eating between desinare and dinner`` and like many other traditions has a peasant origin.
In the fields, especially in the summertime, it was customary to bring a napkin with bread, cheese and cold cuts to eat during the afternoon along with a nice glass of red wine.

Wines, Vermouth & Drinks

A good glass of Nice or a Cocchi Americano accompanied with Borgo Affinatori cheeses and a selection of Luiset cured meats. Nastisa is the perfect escape from the monotony of downtown. An aperitif on the hill of Viatosto, 5 minutes from the city, to eat and drink something good while looking at the beautiful landscape of the Astigiano.

Winery Nastisa

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Call us at +39.389.78.67.988

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Str. Valmorone, 40/A, 14100 Asti AT,

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